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FIBER Quality

some word about us

We are the innovators in industrial hemp business

As a result of modern policies around the world, Sedina was born with the aim of spreading the industrial hemp market, making the export of the experience based in Uruguay. Starts the development of the market for all products produced with the plant. Sedina is the first branch in South America, after expanding its business to more than 18 countries. With operational base in Hong Kong, the company is also present in mainland China and is able to promote global logistics, exporting its products worldwide.

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We are highly committed to ensuring the quality and success of our partners.

Exclusive Techniques

Chilean expert Felipe Fernandes and his team developed unique techniques that guarantee the quality and identity of our fiber, resulting in extremely elegant end products.


Your company obtaining all the benefits. Work with the trademark that most values in the global hemp market. Be big, even if your market is small.

Marketing & Integrations

Be part of our franchise network and save thousands of dollars on marketing, advertising and global brand strengthening strategies. Just worry about your local market.

Unified Support

Customer service, at the first level, is carried out by our head office, only responsible for the franchisee's issues that really concern him, unifying and standardizing customer service. The franchisee can start without having to invest in a service infrastructure.

Inventory Control

With intelligent inventory control, Sedina will never miss a product on its customers' shelves. With a logistics system fully managed by us, our franchisee is sure of all the support when importing.

Social Responsibilities

Our franchisees participate in programs geared to the social development of their local communities, providing consumers with messages and financing capable of strengthening the brand by helping others.

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quality products

We deliver certificated products

Our hemp, now also grown in China and Nepal, has sustainable procedures and organic crops. We offer products that are attractive not only because of the price, but because they are extremely quality. We are concerned, above all, with the health of the planet. We generate products that contribute to sustainable practices. Organic, natural and affordable.


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Laurel Wreath

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+(852) 3008-8279

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2-16 Fa Yuen Street, Ho King Commercial Centre - Room 706 - Hong Kong
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