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Ready to

 smoke kit

Ready to smoke set for new smokers who want to experience the premium of Sedina at an affordable price.

Must try

Best of Rolling paper

Welcome to the world of rolling paper. SEDINA here has collected a complete range of rolling papers, green belts, for smokers. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's all in one place. Because we dare to guarantee product quality standards and fast delivery. In addition to the enjoyment and entertainment from smoking We also consider the physical safety of our comrades. With roll paper SEDINA 100% authentic, imported from Uruguay.


 SEDIÑA - brown

SEDINA rolling paper brown king size slow burn INGREDIENT : HEMP 80% RICE 20%



 SEDIÑA - gold

SEDINA rolling paper gold king size slow burn INGREDIENT : HEMP 100% RICE 0%


 SEDIÑA - white

SEDINA rolling paper white king size slow burn INGREDIENT : HEMP 0% RICE 100%



SEDIÑA - grinder

A premium herb grinder from the Sedina brand that is beautiful, cheap, and easy to use.

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